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Holiday Gifting made easy with Educational Insights

I enjoy Christmas and gift giving just as much as the next person. But one thing I'm not fond of is all of the toys out there that in my opinion are pretty much useless and dust collectors. I can say that because after two kids I've seen it happen time and time again. They want something "because everyone else has it" and then once they have one it sits on a shelf and collects dust. It's so frustrating to me. And that's why I started shopping in a different way for my kids and for others on our list. I now look for gifts that aren't just popular, but are also functional too. I want them to have more than just a purpose of just sitting and looking cool. That's one of the fun parts about shopping the Educational Insights website. They have a ton of things that I consider to be cool, and they are useful too. I love the way that they make learning fun for kids so they don't even always realize they are learning. Take for instance their Once Upon a Craft kit called The Twelve Dancing Princesses. It's not just a storybook, it's also a craft kit where kids get to color their own princesses and decorate two mosaic pieces that go along with the story. Now to me that's both useful and fun for kids.

Another fun thing I found is their Puppet-on-a-Stick™ Markers. It includes three fun unicorn puppets that open their mouths and have markers at the ends. I mean who wouldn't love to write and color with a unicorn?!

And if you're really into gifting learning products you might want to check out their line of Hot Dots products. I got the Hot Dots® Jr. Ultimate Science Facts Interactive Book Set with the plans to gift it to a little special needs girl from a family that we "adopted" for Christmas this year. She's a little behind in reading at school and I thought this was a great gift for her because she loves science facts. I figure she will be playing with this and not even realize she's learning at the same time. And with the Hot Dots pen helping her along the way she will learn to read the words and feel more confident doing so in a fun way.

Buy it: You can find these and other great educational themed toys at the Educational Insights website.

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