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Gift them a memory for a lifetime

I've always enjoyed long as there is a picture for me to use as a reference or numbers on a canvas to follow. I've just never been one to start from scratch with a blank canvas because I can't seem to choose what to paint. And I'll be honest I'm just not that creative. Thankfully there are places like Gifted Custom Art that will turn one of your personal photos into a paint-by-numbers canvas ready for you to paint at home. I was truly amazed when I saw how awesome my daughter's picture looked when it was transformed into a custom wrapped canvas. They were able to take everything out of the background and just focus the photo on my daughter which really was impressive. I had planned on painting it myself after it arrived, but when she saw me pull it out I could tell by the look on her face that she wanted to "paint herself". So I put it away and told her I just didn't have the extra time right now to paint it and am going to give it to her for Christmas as a surprise gift and let her paint it. I'm sure it will make her day and it will make mine when I get to hang up the picture that she painted.

The process to create your own custom photo canvas is quite easy. First you pick a photo (tips are listed on the website on choosing your perfect photo), upload it to the website and crop, pick your color palette for the colors of paint you want, and place your order. I couldn't believe how simple it was to do. I really like that you can preview what you're photo will look like as a canvas. This helped me pick the photo I wanted to do. Then you just sit back and wait for it to be delivered. Everything you need to paint your canvas is included in the package - even a pop-up easel!

Gifted Custom Art, which enables you to upload any photo—whether it’s a snapshot of Fido or a family portrait - and turn it into a paint-by-numbers outline printed on a 16”x 20” gallery wrapped canvas. Gifted Custom Art kits come with everything you need (paint, brushes, easel) to create a beautiful piece of custom art. Gifted Custom Art’s paint-by-numbers canvases make it easy for kids and adults of all ages turn cherished photos into timeless masterpieces.
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