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Want the Best Thanksgiving Turkey? Choose Diestel Turkey Ranch

We've been raising chickens for a few years now so that we have our own fresh eggs to enjoy. I never knew there was such a difference until I started cooking and eating them instead of store bought eggs. Now that I have I don't plan to ever go back to store bought eggs. We actually have friends that come to us for eggs now too. Knowing the difference (like the fact store bought eggs are many weeks old before you get to buy them) has also lead me to making different choices when it comes to other foods I purchase to feed my family. I do a little more investigating and learning where the product comes from, and how it's raised. Meat is definitely no exception when it comes to my new habits, I like to know the animals aren't kept in small living quarters and fed strictly animal feed mixed other additives to make them grow. I want my meat to come from a place where they animal has lived a good life and enjoyed grazing off the land. That's why this year for Thanksgiving my family will be enjoying a Diestal Turkey. At the Diestel Turkey Ranch their turkeys are allowed to grow naturally to their intended weight on their own,  not because they were given supplements to make them grow faster. If you've never tasted a turkey that was raised naturally, or even in the wild let me tell you there's a big difference. My husband is a hunter so we've even enjoyed wild turkey for Thanksgiving that he's gotten. You can definitely tell the difference in the quality and flavor of the meat.

One thing I have to point out that I really like about the turkeys from Diestel Turkey Ranch is that you can purchase them fully cooked, and even smoked. This makes them great to keep in your freezer for holiday part invites or spur of the moment family dinners. We actually are going to be enjoying one of their Naturally Smoke Turkeys for Thanksgiving this year.

Diestel Turkey Ranch:
One of the last small, family-owned turkey grower-processors in the United States, the Diestel’s ranching style, family-farming secrets, and strict sustainable standards consistently produce a better, tender and juicier turkey with real, old-fashioned flavor that is recognized by acclaimed gourmet chefs. Sustainably raising turkeys for four generations, all of Diestel’s birds are:

• Slow grown; raised almost 2x as long and given 3x as much space as conventional birds
• Raised to their naturally intended weight giving the turkeys exceptional taste and texture
• No gluten, casein, carrageenan, phosphates, MSG, artificial ingredients or preservatives
• No antibiotics, growth stimulants, or hormones
• 100% vegetarian diet, enhanced with vitamins and minerals, milled and mixed daily on the ranch
• GAP rated; Diestel’s pasture raised birds received GAP’s highest 5+ rating

Diestel’s turkeys are available at Whole Foods Markets, select natural food stores across the country, and online.

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