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Surprise them this holiday season with the gift of Graeter’s

Did you know that you can ship one of America’s favorite ice creams to your friends and family across the country? Well now you do, so no more excuses! Graeter’s Ice Cream has been a favorite in our house for as long as I can remember. The creamy textured ice cream comes in small containers so we can each enjoy our favorite flavor which is awesome in my book. No more fights over who gets to pick the flavor at the store, or who isn't happy when I come home with a big tub of ice cream. I know you're probably thinking yeah right who argues over this stuff...well my kids that's who. It's always been a battle between them who gets to pick the next flavor. With Graeter's they can both have their favorite flavor and I can have a little peace. Now back to that shipping to your home thing. I had no idea myself before receiving my shipment of Graeter's that it could be shipped right to your doorstep. How awesome is that? I mean wouldn't it be fun to surprise someone on your Christmas list with the gift of Graeter's? Right from their website you can order their famous hand packed ice cream, fine candies, dessert sauce, and more to be shipped right to your recipient's door. What an awesome idea if you ask me. I know I wouldn't be upset if someone sent me Graeter's for Christmas how about you?

Graeter’s Ice Cream is a nationally recognized and awarded ice cream brand that was founded over 146 years ago in Cincinnati, OH. The fourth-generation family owned and operated company has perfected the art of using the French Pot, a traditional, small batch artisanal process of making ice cream. Known for their indulgent, premium flavors and ingredients, they’re also widely recognized for their gargantuan gourmet chocolate chips.

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