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Play & Learn with Playgro Toys

I've always been one to lean towards educational toys, especially when my kids were younger. I wanted to make sure they were not only being entertained but also learning from their play time. Sometimes it was something as basic as problem solving by putting a shape into a cube, but at least it was teaching them along the way. And it was always fun to see the look on their face when one went inside. It ranged from the excitement of it finally going in to fear of having "lost" the shape because they didn't know how to get it out. That's why I like toys from the Playgro line. They not only are super bright and cheerful so that they get younger kids attention they also provide them with some well needed learning through play. Take the two toys featured in this post for example. They are both full of bright colors and fun shapes that get a child's attention. I like this because it also gives us as parents the opportunity to teach them the shapes and colors through play together. They also have parts that can be removed and then put back teaching them how trial and error as they figure out exactly where they all go. So much fun and all the while they are learning too!

Playgro Shape Sorting Flower Puzzle 
Sort, Match and Stack with the shape sorting flower puzzle. Encourage your baby to recognize various shapes and their sizes, this practices trial and error, mental prediction and problem solving. The cute flower acts as a central part of this 22 piece sorting puzzle, perfect for the inquisitive mind.
Age range: 12 months +

Playgro Fun Friends Choo Choo Train
Choo Choo! This fun friends choo choo train is perfect for any toddler that likes to get their groove on. Your toddler will love pushing and pulling this train with lights that flash to the beat of the music! The vibrant removable characters will attract your child and keep them entertained while encouraging active fun.
Age range: 12 months +
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