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Let her Shine in Style with Kidpik

My daughter is somewhat of a fashionista as I like to call her. She has her own unique sense of style and likes to show it through the clothing she wears. I like it because she doesn't conform to what everyone else at school is wearing. She can take one pair of leggings and wear them several different ways which is awesome in my book. That's why I knew she would fall in love with Kidpik when I read about their fashion box. Kidpik is a custom-curated fashion box containing head-to-toe looks for girls ages 3-12. You start off by visiting and having your daughter take the online style quiz (or taking it for her if she's too young to do it alone). My daughter is 10 so she was able to do it all by herself. That really gave her the sense of ownership when her customized box came too. Kidpik processes your daughter’s style quiz answers through their proprietary algorithm to allow the kidpik stylists to hand curate a customized style box based specifically on her style and personality.

The result is an awesome array of clothing that your daughter can try on and choose from. You an pick as few or as many pieces to keep from the box and return any you're not completely satisfied with using the included return envelope. Of course if you keep the entire Kidpik box the cost per item goes down alot. My daughter absolutely loved the clothing choices she received. Of course she's already worn them all at least two different ways since they arrived. She's of course already asking me if she can get another box for Christmas once the season changes so she can get winter clothing too. Gotta love her excitement about being fashionable that's for sure!

Kidpik combines the luxury of personal styling with the convenience of home delivery; as each box contains 5-7 curated clothing items from a uniquely designed and limited edition fashion collection of premium apparel, footwear and accessories at affordable prices (cost averages around $12.50 per each item in the fashion box). With help from parents, girls complete an interactive "style quiz" on in order to help the company determine their fashion preferences and which then allows kidpik to combine their proprietary algorithms with the expertise of the company's in-house "style specialists" to curate each customized, hand-picked fashion box. Say goodbye to hours on end of traditional mall shopping (and the temper tantrums that they entail) and hello to the new, no-hassle way for clothing shopping!

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