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It's time to get cleaning! @brillo

With pop-in guests lurking around every corner there's no better time to start cleaning than NOW! I actually started a few weeks ago myself because it always seems like from Thanksgiving on there's always someone popping by while they are in the area visiting other family and friends. Of course as you know cleaning seems to be an ongoing daily task when you have kids, and pets. That's why I like to have a way to do some simple and quick clean ups if I hear that someone's going to be stopping by. And for those days it rains (yes we are still getting rain at the end of November) and the kids have tracked in mud. My new cleaning friend for this task is the Brillo Sweep & Mop. With their wet pads you can clean up your floors in a moments notice. I love how simple and easy it is to use with hands free attachment of the pad. They offer three types of pads depending on if you're cleaning up dust and pet hair, quick spills and messes, or just everyday cleaning. That's like having three different cleaning tools all in one!

I'm sure most of you already know the Brillo name from using their sponges. But did you know that Brillo Estracell Sponges have a unique cell structure that rinses cleaner and dries out faster? This helps eliminate the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungal growth that cellulose sponges create. Once I heard about this I tossed out of all my old sponges and switched them to my new Brillo sponges. This is the time of year that bacteria seems to be on the rise so I'm doing whatever I can to keep my family healthy.

So why not make your life a little bit easier this holiday season with some easy cleaning solutions. I know I'm ready to give anything to lessen the stress a shot. How about you?

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