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HipKnoTies - 1 Garment 30 Ways!

HipKnoTies is probably one of the coolest apparel products I've seen in a long time. It's made from a super soft material that has plenty of stretch to it. It comes with a pack of HipKnoTies ties that allow you to create some of the looks featured on the included guide. Once I started trying some of the styles suggested I got more and more excited about it. This would be perfect to take on holiday travels when you need to pack light. It can be a skirt, shirt, dress, shawl, all with just a little adjusting of the material direction. I'm loving it!

Made of a super soft rayon jersey and spandex, HipKnoTies drapes the body like no other convertible dress. Unlike other multi way dresses that can only be worn to special events, you can wear a HipKnoTies to any occasion, from the office to the beach, to a cocktail party, even to sleep!

HipKnoTies come in a variety of different colors and lengths. They would make a great stocking suffer too!

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