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The fun doesn't have to stop when schools out with PLAYMOBIL

I have one of those kids that just hates when school is out, even if it's only for a few days. She loves to learn and spend time with her friends. And to me that's great because she wants to do well in school. It's not so great though when school is out for the summer, or even an extended weekend for a short holiday. It just drives her crazy not being able to talk to her friends and do all the fun things at school during the day. So this mom came up with a plan to help her get through those long weekends. I put together some fun activities and ways for her to enjoy school at home. She now has a tote labeled "School at home" filled with activity sheets, and fun toys so she can pretend she's at school. Thankfully there are so many resources out there for school related activities and play. The PLAYMOBIL School Bus and Take Along School House are two of them that I thought really did a great job of bring home the fun. I mean what kid doesn't want to be the bus driver in charge of the bus, or the teacher in charge of the class!

PLAYMOBIL School Bus: Climb aboard the School Bus and head off to school! Look out for the flashing lights of the bus coming down your street, but wait until the bus driver opens the movable STOP sign before you board the bus. There's lots of seats to choose, so you can pick one next to your friends! Includes four figures, school bus, and other accessories. Batteries included.

PLAYMOBIL Take Along School House: Class is in session at the Take Along School House.  In a convenient take-along case, this set is perfect for on-the-go fun.  Simply open the two sides and fold down the floor plates to reveal a classroom complete with chalkboard, school tables, and students ready to learn.  Once the teacher collects the previous night’s homework assignment, get ready for a fun-filled day of learning as you complete reading activities and solve math equations!  Set includes one adult figure, three child figures, chalkboard, desks, books, writing utensils, ruler, books, bike with bike rack, and tons of other accessories.

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