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Playing it safe with VTech’s Wireless Monitoring System

We actually quit using a home phone a few years ago and went to an all cell phone house. It was just easier for us and our family situation living in the country and the kids always being all over the place. However many still have at home phones and I know if we did this would definitely be something I'd incorporate into our home phone system. Since we don't I gave this to my mom because she often times watches my daughter when we have plans that we can't take her along (or she doesn't want to go) with us. I love it because through using this wireless monitoring system my mom can be alerted when my daughter goes in/out of the house. This is great because sometimes she rides the bus home to grandmas and doesn't always tell her when she gets there. Through the monitoring system an alert is sent right to my mom's phone no matter where she is inside or outside of the house. Plus we can even set up alerts for my phone too!

This is great for parents that have kids that may arrive home on the bus while they are still at work, or just haven't made it home yet. What a great way to know your kiddo made it safely off the bus and into the house. I know I personally have my daughter text me as soon as she gets in the house if I'm not home. And sometimes like many kids she forgets for a bit and it leaves me worried she hasn't made it. This system would definitely take away that worry.

The Wireless Monitoring System – equipped with open/closed and garage door sensors – allows parents to be easily alerted when their child has come home from school, regardless of whether they’ve entered through the garage or front door. When a sensor goes off, parents will receive alerts right on the home phone’s handset and base station or even receive a call on their mobile device.

• Receive alerts on the handsets and base when your garage door is up or down
• The open/closed sensor allows you to keep tabs on areas like doors, cabinets and windows, and receive an alert when they open or close
• A fully-featured telephone with built-in answering system, caller ID and 22 minutes of recording time
• This system is expandable up to 5 cordless handsets and 400 sensors

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