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Lux Blox - What will you build?

My kids have always been the creative type. They like to build things with their hands and like to make their own creations. Yes they do like models and following patterns sometimes, but they also like to be able to just see what they can come up with on their own. With Lux Blox you have that option. You can build what your mind leads you to build one piece at a time and see what masterpiece you come up with. Or you can check out the Lux Blox website for instructional videos that show you how to build everything from a simple cube all the way up to a dinosaur. I personally like a little be of direction when it comes to building, I have just never had a big amount of self creativity from scratch. My kiddos on the other hand can take a pile of craft sticks and build an entire fort just from thoughts. Lux Blox are great for them because the possibilities are endless, and the more sets they have the larger the creation they can build.

Blending creativity, spatial literacy and architectural principles, Lux Blox is revolutionizing educational play with bendable .

Lux Blox's snap and lock hinge system allows kids to create structures that curve, bend, flex, twist, turn and move while retaining strength and stability.  Now builders and innovators of all ages can use Lux Blox to model machines, biological organisms, architecture --- or whatever structures they can imagine!

This is why Lux has such an extraordinary ability to make strong structures which imitate nature - it’s a hinged block that permits bending and folding, and you can develop strength through the principle of corrugation. Engineers use this principle when making airplanes, rockets, cardboard, and most products that require strength and lightness.

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