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Let your hands lead the way with RunLites

As some of you may already know my husband is an outdoorsman. He likes to hunt, fish, hike, camp, you name it as long as it's outdoors. Along with that there are many times he's outside after dark in the woods. And that means many time he needs to carry a flashlight so he can see to get back to his truck. However that can be a difficult task if he's also dragging out a deer or has his hands full with supplies and fish. Having a way to light up the path hands free (or with his hands in this case) is really what he needs. I recently got him a pair of camouflage RunLites sport gloves and I have to say he is now a very happy man. He an carry all of his gear, and as long as he can keep his hands pointing in front of him he can light the way for himself. The gloves he says are very comfortable and he can see himself wearing them year round because they are lightweight. I like that the lights are rechargeable so we don't have to worry about a battery running out on him while he's out, or having that added bulk of a battery pack. You really can't even tell these have lights built into them unless you're really looking for it. I actually liked them so much when they arrived I almost kept them for myself!

RunLites gloves are a lightweight, wearable, hands-free lighting solution ideal for outdoor activities. Carrying a flashlight can be burdensome, wearing a headlamp is uncomfortable and bringing a lantern isn’t always an option. Put light where you need it while setting up your tent, starting a fire or walking through the woods with RunLites.

Benefits of RunLites:
• Compact, lightweight and hands-free
• Bright (40 lumens) light that projects a 135-degree radial arc up to 15 feet
• Rechargeable LED lights last up to 12 hours continuously
• Reflective strip for safety
• Available in Half-length (for working) or full-length (for colder weather)
• Padded palm pocket for storagepartnership with mentioned brands.
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