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Hyper Pet toys for dogs who like to play!

Our dog Java is a growing pup and she loves to play. She also loves to chew, and so we've gone through quite a few toys with her. I have to say I was pretty excited when we received a box of toys from Hyper Pet™ because they looked like really well made dog toys. I was hoping to finally find something Java wouldn't take down and destroy in a single day of play. If you don't know Java is a lab mix and a good sized dog, and at eight months old she's in full puppy mode. We've learned from experience to make sure she always has toys to chew on to satisfy her need to chew and massage her gums as she produces adult teeth. That's one of the reasons I really like the Dura-Squeaks toys, they have little nubs on them to help massage her gums as she chews. Dura-Squeaks are made of durable non-toxic materials and have a squeaker built into the center. Java loves squeaky toys too so she's all about making lots of noise with them. And so far I'm happy to report she hasn't chewed any of them to bits. I've been rotating them with the Hyper Squawkers so she doesn't get too board with them.

We also got one of their Fire Hose Friends that's made with actual fire hose canvas. Java did manage to chew off the tail and face off of her fire hose raccoon. The center is still intact so far though. I'm telling you this dog has some super sharp teeth!

Hyper Pet™ offers unique, patented, interactive toys for you and your dog. Our high quality designed line includes the award winning K-9 Kannon, HyperDog Ball Launcher, Flippy Flopper Flying Disc and other durable dogs toys. As a full service pet toys company Hyper Pet also offers the best in pet collar, leashes and harnesses. Discover how Hyper Pet™ can make hanging out with your best friend a tail waggin’ good time!

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