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From caterpillar to beautiful butterfly!

If you've never experienced watching caterpillars transform into butterflies I have to say you're missing out. Yes I will admit those first days aren't very excited..just sitting around waiting while the caterpillars eat, spin silk, and grow. It's definitely a process that requires patience for sure. But once you see what emerges from those cocoons then you'll be glad you waited. It's really quite amazing to watch as the butterfly emerges from the cocoon. Watching them take their first flight and flutter around your habitat definitely makes the wait all worth it.

We opted to keep our butterflies in the habitat for a few days and left them fresh fruit for them to feed on so we could really enjoy them. Then we went outside and opened the top and let them go. It was bittersweet watching as they fluttered off into the sky. For days my daughter would tell me every time she saw a butterfly outside that it was one of hers.

The great part is now that we have a habitat all ready to go when spring comes so we can do it all over again with more caterpillars!

The Insect Lore Original Butterfly Garden arrives with five caterpillars that transform into Painted Lady Butterflies. Once the caterpillar’s cocoon, they can be transferred to their pop-up mesh habitat so children can watch the entire process happen. This kit is the perfect way to bring science home. Watch them grow, then let them go – kids can enjoy their butterfly friends for a few days and then get to experience the excitement of letting them go to continue the amazing life cycle. Kits retail for $24.95 at
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