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Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science Experiments

My daughter loves doing at home experiments and creating things with her hands. She also loves to cook and make things in the kitchen. So what better way to bring those two things together than through making science experiments that she can also eat? I thought this would be the perfect book for her and boy was I right. She immediately started flipping through the pages and marking the ones she wanted to do first. (You can see some of the yellow tabs sticking up in the photo.) Over the summer and on weekend since school has started she's actually done quiet a few "experiments" out of this book. I love that the book is written at a level a 10-year old can read and understand it and follow the directions on her own. It teaches her independence and she's able to do most of them with little or no help, which she really likes a lot. She's even done a few of them and taken them to school to show off to her science teacher because she was so proud of her creations. I love how it's gotten her so involved in learning at home and she's really enjoying it too.

"Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science" is a book for today's young experimenters and their fearless parents. Here are projects (by New York Times food science columnist Andrew Schloss) that show kids how real science happens in the kitchen. The recipes are simple, fun, require no special ingredients and are totally non-toxic (although there are a few you might only want to taste once - i.e "slime"). Suitable for the whole family, "Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science" will keep your kids busy, engaged, and happily snacking on their amazing results. Who knows? The next great chemist - or chef - might be asking you right now, what are we going to do today?

Teaching your kids science just got better--and tastier! With the awe-inspiring and accessible recipes and projects in Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science, uniting science and cooking has never been easier. Introduce your children to the wonders of science by creating projects and experiments in your very own kitchen. Entertaining to make and spectacular to behold, not only will your child learn important scientific principles, but they can even enjoy the delicious final product. Almost everything made in this book is edible. Learn and appreciate projects like classic exploding volcano cakes, glow-in-the-dark Jell-O, singing cakes, and bouncy eggs. Food expert Andrew Schloss provides you and your kids with practical and humorous projects that include step by step instructions, illustrated with fun full-color photos sure to appeal to kids of all ages. * All recipes/projects in this book are non-toxic and safe for consumption; some just to taste (slime, ectoplasm) and many you will love, such as molten chocolate cupcakes, disappearing peppermint pillows, and amber maple syrup crystals!

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