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Take a break from the heat with a two-ingredient popsicle!

I honestly can't believe just how hot it still is here some days. Like yesterday for example it was in the upper 80's and as you know the first day of Autumn. That's not typical for good ole Indiana this time of year either. I don't think I've ever had to use the AC this late in the year either, but I'm not about to sweat my butt off all day without it. That means there's still days the kids are outside after school playing and coming in hot wanting a cold treat. And that's where something fun (and healthy) like two-ingredient popsicles come in handy. Using either Jamba® At-Home Smoothies or  Rader Farms® FruitPLUS paird up with some juice you'll be ready in no time! They are super easy to make and can be ready the next day if you make them at night. My kids like them because they help cool them off when they've been running around outside. I like them because they are easy to make and not full of sugar like many you buy at the store. Plus they have that natural sweet flavor from the fruit that makes them extra tasty!

Jamba® At-Home Smoothies and Rader Farms® have put together easy-to-make, two-ingredient popsicle recipes that are fun to make and offer added health benefits versus other frozen popsicles.

Jamba® At-Home Smoothie Popsicle using their new Protein variety that features Greek yogurt and ancient grains. This smoothie recipe is a tasty combination of Jamba® At-Home Protein Smoothie and 8oz of your favorite juice.

Rader Farms® FruitPLUS Popsicle using their new FruitPlus variety - an exciting blend of vitamin-fortified fruits that will help kids reach their daily fruit goals. An exciting combination of Rader Farms® Fruit PLUS Vitamins mixed up with your favorite flavor of juice.

Choose one of these great recipes ideas and then mix up the flavor of juice for the next to keep the fruity flavor variety going!

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