Stacy Talks & Reviews: September is National Preparedness Month - Are you prepared?

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September is National Preparedness Month - Are you prepared?

Many times we don't ever stop to think of what supplies we need for various situations in life until those situations actually arise. Just imagine if one of those situations was an emergency and you didn't have the opportunity to go get those supplies. That's what usually happens in an emergency situation so it's best to have those supplies on hand for that "just in case" event. I will admit we've discussed numerous times that we should have a kit put together and ready just in case we were ever stranded at home in the winter, or tornado came through and wiped out our power for days. But like many we never made that extra time in our schedules to make a list, and then actually go get the supplies. Earlier this summer a town a mere 10 minutes from our house was victim to a tornado and many were left with holes in their homes and without power for a week or more. Yeah, pretty scary stuff. And boy did it get me thinking. I have two kids to provide for and if it was us that lost power what would I do to make sure we could provide for them? Thankfully there are places online that has already done that thinking and research for me like Live Prepared. From their website you can order a preparedness kit not just for your home, but even your car. And the even have loads of other supplies and food items you can order individually if the kits don't have everything you want. They are all packaged in Sterilite Shelf Tote that stack on each other really nice so all you have to do is place it up on a shelf in case you ever need it. They even have a bunch of great videos, helpful resource articles, and even an emergency check list to get yourself in the preparedness mode. I have to say having an emergency preparedness kit in my home has actually lifted the weight off my shoulders a bit when bad weather hits now. I know that I have all the basic necessities I need and together in one place that's easy to get to. Don't be left asking yourself "what do I do now?" after an emergency occurs, take the time to get prepared now. It's an investment you won't regret.

Proper planning and preparation is essential for a parent’s day-to-day survival, but in the case of an emergency, it can make all the difference in a family’s world. Seventy-five percent of parents agree that emergency readiness became a higher priority when they had children, yet 50% of parents don’t even know where to start.

The trick is finding the time to download the list of recommended products, running around to purchase everything, properly storing your kit items, and tidying them away in an organized fashion.

Live Prepared emergency readiness kits make it easy for parents to check preparedness off their to-do list by including everything they need to be secure, nourished and have peace of mind in an emergency. Having a kit on hand means parents can provide a prepared and peaceful home for their family, which in turn helps them worry less and enjoy their families more!

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