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Chooze - Fashion Activewear for Kids who Play!

My daughter has always had her own sense of style. I've tried to always allow her to put together her own outfits, even when I highly questioned them at times. Little did I know that there was actually a whole line of clothing for girls like her. Chooze apparel helps little girls like mine to see it's okay if your clothes don't match up perfectly. It's okay to be different and have fun! Featured in the photo above are the Flow Dress In Somersault and the Flow Skirt in Beam. They are super cute and my daughter loves them both, just like I knew she would. She tells me the fabric is so soft and comfortable to wear too. It's a blend of polyester and spandex and it's nice and lightweight so she can wear them in the summer and be comfortable. She's actually worn both pieces a few times now to school and the other girls keep asking her where she got them because they like the bright colors and patterns so much.

She also got a super cute pair of Spark in Confidence sneakers. At first glance you don't really notice that they are two different shoes. They have the same colors but different patterns. One has stars and the other has hearts, and they have different color shoestrings. Apparently high-top shoes are back in style so these have went over very well with my daughter. She says they are great for playing on the play ground at recess and for gym. Of course she wears them pretty much all over so I don't see how she can tell the difference. I think she's just excited to have some fun new shoes to show off that none of her friends have.

Allowing children to dress themselves is a vital step in nurturing their independence and creativity. Founded by a husband and wife, Chooze offers a wide array of brightly-colored, stylishly mismatched prints specifically designed with a child’s individuality and spirit in mind. From sandals to skirts to shorts, every garment is made using vegan materials and is shipped in recycled cardboard boxes covered in patterns specifically meant for coloring! There's also a line of shoes just for moms and booties for babies! Chooze is also a Good Returns company, with part of every purchase invested in entrepreneurial and anti-poverty programs for women.

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