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Start your day off right with Community Coffee

My day just doesn't seem to get off on the right foot unless I have my morning cup of coffee. I mean really what better way is there to start your day? I think it was something that started back when I was in college as a way to help me wake up for my early morning classes and has just stuck with me ever since. Of course over the years I've used coffee in recipes to make flavored desserts, and even changed it up a little making iced beverages with it. But no matter how I switch it up I always like to have that hot cup to start off my day. I really like the Community Coffee brand because they have so many awesome blends in their line now so I can even switch up my morning cup. Some days I like to have a simple breakfast blend, and some days I like to have something a little different like the golden caramel. And let me tell you the golden caramel is really good made into iced coffee with just a hint of vanilla creamer.

Whether you drink coffee for its health benefits or enjoy adding it to your favorite baking recipes, coffee is a staple in most of our homes during back-to-school season. Community Coffee Company is the largest family-owned coffee company in the U.S., meaning it knows the very best ways to source and brew 100% Arabica beans.

Having been "grinding" for ninety-seven years, the success of Community Coffee Company can be attributed to prioritizing the two things most important to Cap—making the highest-quality coffee and a strong sense of community. Cap called his coffee “Community” because of the overwhelming support he received from the community that he loved. Today, the company gives back through its Community Cash for Schools® program, which has helped schools earn funds for over 25 years, and its Military Match Program, which doubles orders of coffee shipped to troops in support of U.S. military service.

Community coffee is available for purchase on their website and at grocery stores throughout the Southeast region of the United States. For more information, please visit

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