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Oreo meets Churros - The Ultimate Mashup!

America's Favorite Cookie is now available as a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate churro pastry. A crispy exterior, warm soft interior and real OREO cookie pieces in every bite give OREO Churros a just-baked Oreo taste.

OREO Churros are available in the frozen dessert section of most grocery stores. They're perfect for any snacking occasion and are easy to prepare. They bake in just minutes. There's even a crumb sugar topping to roll them in before serving!

I was actually quite surprised when I tried these. They are REALLY good. So good you want to eat them just like you would OREOS, one right after another, after another! I will say they are best right out of the oven just slightly cooled. We are thinking about picking up some more to try with some ice cream because we thought that would make a good match up too.

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  1. I havent seen these in the stores yet. They actually sound pretty good- too good. I would eat half a box and hide the rest!
    ellen beck

  2. I just noticed these in the store but was not headed home so I didn't pick them up. Next grocery trip they are coming home with me.

  3. What a unique dessert! I'm definitely going to try these! Yum!

  4. These look yummy. I actually have a coupon for $1 savings but haven't seen them in any of the local grocery stores yet.


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