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Nothing says puppy love like a treat from Hartz

From the moment we met Java we fell in love with her and knew she would make a great addition to our family. And fast forward a few months later and here she is feeling all sorts of puppy love. Part of loving your pup is giving her treats like Chew'n Clean from Hartz that not only provide her with a reward, but also help her maintain healthy teeth and gums. This is a really neat two-in-one reward and our Java sure did enjoy hers.

Giving your pup a treat as a reward lets her know she did something good and reinforces that good behavior. We used treats when we were housebreaking Java, each time she went potty outside we would break off a piece and give it to her. It didn't take long before she would walk right to the treat container as soon as she came back in from going potty either. She knew she wanted that special reward for her achievement. Always remember though treats shouldn't replace dog food or fill them up so they don't want to eat because it has special nutrients puppies need. Treats can also be a good way to keep your pup entertained if they get bored. Java sometimes in the afternoons gets bored waiting for the kids to get home so I'll give her one of her Oinkies Pig Skin treats to chew on because I know it will last her awhile and keep her occupied.

Another great way you can reward your pup is through interactive play. Whether it be tossing a Dura Play ball and having her bring it back to play fetch with her. (Of course with the bacon scent sometimes Java doesn't like to bring it back!) Or by giving her Quackers the duck with a fun squeaker inside for her to play with on her own your pup will enjoy, and appreciate the play time fun. Java likes to take Quackers by the neck and toss it in the air then run after it where-ever it lands. It's actually quite entertaining to watch. And little does she know she's getting some needed exercise.

And of course saying "I love you" to your pup isn't all about treats, rewards, and fun. It's also about making sure they are well taken care of. That's actually one thing I really like about the Hartz brand, they have you covered from every angle. Our sweet Java was all the time itching when we first got her. We thought it was fleas at first, but after giving her a flea bath and putting on the flea prevention we came to realize she actually has dry skin. And thankfully I had gotten a bottle of the oatmeal shampoo from the Hartz grooming care line because it's done wonders for her skin...and her itching.

Honestly I could have probably shared a hundred different photos with you from play time, treat time, and grooming time with Java! She's feeling the love for sure with all of her new gifts from Hartz.

Have you ever used Hartz products for your pup? What's your favorite? I'd love to check it out too!
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