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Be Wicked Cool! Fresh with Tom’s of Maine

In my house it seems like back to school also means back to paying more attention to your personal hygiene. My 10-year old daughter actually asked me to "smell her breath" before heading off to school this morning. I about fell to the floor in shock. This from the child I had to fight with all summer long to shower. All I can say is "Thank Goodness for School!" because I was at my wits end. Now she's all about showering, using her deodorant and even brushing her teeth after breakfast. Thankfully I had Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool!™ Deodorant all summer long with the added protection or I may not have made it this far. My daughter actually prefers products that are catered to her, I think it makes her more apt to use them. If they are "adult" products she is more apt to tell me she doesn't "need" them because she isn't an adult. Thankfully many brands like Tom's has seen the need for kid friendly products to cater to their individual needs.

Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool!™ Deodorant
Hello parents! Kid turned eight and not smelling so great? We’re WICKED excited to introduce Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool! Deodorant, our first natural kids Deodorants launching exclusively in the 2016 Target Made to Matter collection. Our new Wicked
Cool! Deodorants provide 24 hour odor protection with no aluminum or parabens. They’re made only of 100% naturally derived ingredients with 100% natural fragrances - Summer Fun for girls and Freestyle for boys. Wicked Cool!

• Clinically proven, 24 hour odor protection
• Free of aluminum, parabens, artificial fragrances, colors and preservatives
• No animal testing or animal ingredients
• Made from plants with 100% natural fragrances
• Fully recyclable packaging through the TerraCycle Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Brigade
• 10% of Tom’s of Maine’s profits go back to supporting people and the planet
• Available in Freestyle and Summer Fun scents
• Currently available only at Target and

Wicked Cool! Toothpaste
Sometime between ages 8 and 12, most kids are ready to leave fruit and bubblegum-flavored toothpastes behind. They start to be concerned about fresh breath, but aren’t quite ready for the strong mint flavors found in adult toothpastes. Tom’s of Maine is making brushing teeth “Wicked Cool!” with its first natural toothpaste designed for kids ages 8 and over. This mild mint-flavored toothpaste fights cavities, strengthens enamel and freshens breath. Consider what’s inside your tween’s toothpaste and opt for a natural toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine that’s dye-free and never contains any artificial sweeteners or flavors.

• Made for kids ages 8+
• Available in fluoride & fluoride-free
• Mild mint flavor
• Freshens breath
• ADA-accepted to help prevent cavities*
• Strengthens enamel*
• No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or  sweeteners like saccharin
• No animal testing or animal ingredients
• Packaging recyclable through TerraCycle in the Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Brigade
• 10% of Tom’s of Maine’s profits go back to the community

Personal care leader Tom’s of Maine wants to help teachers inspire kids to learn about the planet and make a difference in their community, which is why, in partnership with, they recently launched the $1M Green Your School Fund to provide funding for green classroom projects across the country. Teachers can now go on to enter an environmental project and Tom’s will match all donations (up to $2K)! While funding lasts.

Over 250 projects have been funded since the April launch, benefiting over 43,000 students to date.  Also, the public can now go to through October 17, 2016 to vote on 10 exceptional projects that were submitted. One of these will receive $25K in classroom funding.

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