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Swicharoos - 24 shoes in 1!

I honestly thought my daughter was going to go through the roof when I showed her these sandals. She was so excited about being able to change out the top piece to coordinate with her outfits. I was actually quite impressed myself at the variety of colors and how well they matched up with her clothes. You can choose from either black or brown bottoms and then twist in whatever top pieces matches your outfit (or mood) for the day. It's so quick and simple it can be done in just a few minutes. Actually I think it takes my daughter longer to decide on the color she's going to wear than it does to switch them out.

Swicharoos are definitely a beach bag must-have for young girls this summer!

Swicharoos is 12 pairs of sandals in 1. Swicharoos was invented by a dad to give his daughter lots of choices so her shoes could match her clothes every day. Swicharoos comes with a pair of soles and stylish uppers which are so easy to switch out – simply push, turn and click and just like that girls can go from wearing a pair of sandals with butterflies to sportin’ a bright pink pair. Choose from black or tan soles (or both) and the uppers feature all kinds of super cute designs such as flowers, butterflies, leopard, zebra, pink glitter, gold, silver and white. Perfect for girls ages 5-12.

Swicharoos are sold online for $19 to $79 at
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