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Make your summer picnic complete with Chuao Chocolatier

Like many I'm a fan of anything chocolate, especially when it's packed with something fun like popping candy, or bacon. I mean who doesn't love popping candy and bacon! If you're like me though your first thought upon hearing about bacon paired with chocolate might be a little strange. But I was quick to check it out because bacon (and chocolate) are my weakness. And let me tell you I was sure glad I did because yumm-o was it good. I'm all about trying new things, and I also like to share them with my friend and family too. These fun chocolate bars are perfect for summer picnics as a special treat. There aren't too many kids out there that have tried a candy bar with potato chips inside of it. Why not make it fun and ask them if they want some chips, then hand them one of the potato chip bars instead! I can remember when I offered my daughter a piece of the Caramel Apple Crush bar. She ate one piece then immediately came back asking for another. She said it was amazing. So take a break from the norm this summer and try out some of the new Chuao Chocolatier bars at your next picnic or family outing.

The Firecracker bar, Baconluxious bar, Honeycomb bar, Potato Chip bar, Salted Chocolate Crunch bar and Caramel Apple Crush bar are available CVS stores nationwide.

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