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Fun time for kitties!

If you have a kitty then you know how important it is to make sure they get lots of exercise. I'm sure you know that kitties love to play with toys and I'm sure you also know that they love treats. So why not give them something that combines two things they love? A toy that will help keep them active that rewards their play with treats! Over at they have these and lots of other great interactive toys for your furry friends so be sure to check them all out!

Treats with Snacky Mouse
Treat time and play time come together with Temptations Snacky Mouse Cat Treat Toy. Simply fill up the bottom-weighted wobble toy with your cat’s favorite treat and watch as they enjoy a riveting game of cat and mouse with a delicious reward dispensed at the end. The adjustable mouse means you can control how many treats are released at a time to keep the game in play without the risk of overindulging all at once.

Key Benefits:
• Interactive toy dispenses treats as cats play with it
• Comes equipped with delicious Temptations treats in Tasty Chicken flavor
• Easy to assemble
• Fill with as many or as little treats as you like, and as appropriate for your cat

Purina Friskies Pull 'n Play
The Pull 'n Play Play Pack combines a wobbly cat toy with tender edible strings and treats, giving playtime a delicious ending. Original Party Mix treats and Chicken & Cheese flavored Pull ‘n Play strings are included with this fun interactive toy, so your cat can let the good times roll as soon as it arrives. Simply add the Party Mix treats to the center opening, and insert yummy Pull ‘n Play Strings in the ears of this cat shaped toy and watch your cat bat, pounce and play with their new rewarding treat dispenser.

Key Benefits:
• Combines play time with treat time
• Includes Chicken & Cheese Pull ‘n Play Strings and Original Party Mix
• Wobbly toy keeps cat entertained
• Works with any Pull ‘n Play flavors or treats of your choice

Stay tuned for more great products from the website in the coming months!

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