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This Father's Day help him celebrate the “Dad Beard”

Every year, a fancy neck tie, engraved pens, and a couple of new socks become your basic “go to” gifts for Father’s Day.  Not this year because it’s all about the “Dad Beard”. This must have accessory has made a big and bold comeback and is becoming the new “IT” factor for men, especially Dads. So what can you buy that is often overlooked, out of the ordinary and unique to every father? Premium beard balm by Bold Beardsmen!

I can't even remember a time when my husband didn't have some sort of goatee or beard in the growing stages. He's just always liked having the facial hair and the way it looked. Now that it's become a "thing" for guys he's started working on growing it out even longer then he ever has before. So it's definitely time to start doing some man-grooming and keeping it under control. If you've ever had a scruffy beard rub against your face you know what I mean when I say an unkept beard isn't very fun being rubbed against your face. Introducing my husband to beard balm was definitely a plus in my book. Now he not only smells good, but his beard feels good too.

About Bold Beardsmen:
Our products are carefully crafted with only the most enriching natural ingredients to aide in making beard care manageable for the Bold men of the world. Our beard balm restores that fresh, well groomed feeling to the hair follicles of your face that encounter dust and dandruff during your daily hustle. Each one of our beard balms are created and packaged in the kitchen of one of our owners’ humble home. We take pride in the craft of our work to develop high quality products by starting with caring for how they will make our customers look and feel.

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So instead of giving your father the usual dad gift,  why not present a cool new grooming line that caters to beard maintenance and up keep?
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