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Say Bye-Bye Mosquitoes in style with Thermacell

We live in the country and we have a small creek that runs through our property. So as you can imagine mosquitoes are a big problem in our area. That makes it kind of difficult to do things outdoors like BBQ and pick berries. I don't like to use sprays because so many of them contain chemicals that can be harmful to kids and even pets. Thankfully there are alternatives to those sprays like Thermacell products. Thermacell products use butane to heat a special pad that distributes repellent into the air that keeps those pesky mosquitoes away. The repellent creates a 15 x 15-foot zone of protection against mosquitoes, black flies and other flying insects. I can honestly say these things do work! My husband first purchased one of their handheld units several years ago for when he's fishing and loved how it worked. So when they came out with their line of lanterns I was really excited because that meant I could have one for myself to use out back during BBQ's. The Bristol Lantern is really nice looking sitting on a table, or hanging from a branch nearby. And it provides us the coverage we need to enjoy the outdoors! I love that now I can go outside with my family and friends and not get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Thermacell products use butane to heat a repellent pad to evenly and effectively disseminate a repellent that biting bugs really HATE!  It repels pests for up to 12 hours with its new long life mats. These products are EPA approved and have been tested by the U.S. Army in Turkey and Costa Rica for effectiveness against mosquitoes and in Maine against black flies.

The effective, non-topical mosquito repelling products from Thermacell come in the form of lanterns, repellers and torches; all are proven to be up to 96% effective against mosquitoes based on a university study on spatial repellents conducted in Israel in 2013. They create a 15 ft. x 15 ft. zone of protection in just minutes that lasts for hours.

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