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Rapala - For dads who love to fish!

My husband was, is, and probably always will be a fisherman. He grew up just a few miles from the ocean and often tells us stories of when his dad and grandpa would take him fishing. And now that's he's a dad he's creating stories for our kids to tell when they grow up about fishing trips with him. I'm not into fishing like he is so I couldn't really tell you the difference between lures. He on the other hand can go into great detail about what each one does, the type of fish you catch with it and why it's made a certain size/shape etc. He tells me that Rapala has a really awesome line of fishing lures and I of course take his word for it. I will say the lures I got to share with him were really neat looking and the look in his eyes told me he was excited about them. So if you have a fisherman in your life you need to shop for this upcoming Father's Day I would highly suggest something from the Rapala line.

Rapala, the most trusted name in fishing, is almost synonymous with Father’s Day. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast father in your life, look no further than latest gear from from Rapala and Respected Rapala Brands.

Shadow Rap Shad: The Shadow Rap Shad breaks the traditional lure mold. Head up, ready to rise, the fixed weight system allows lure to rise slowly to attract big fish.

Terminator Walking Frog: A state-of-the-art lure for a classic top water fish, the Terminator Walking Frog will have your loved one hopping for joy every time a bass jumps through the lily pads and swallows it whole.

Storm Arashi Top Walker: Boasting a “walk-the-dog” presentation that is bound to entice big bites from big fish, the Top Walker delivers a long glid and powerful wake that fish can’t help but go after.

Rapala & Respected Rapala Brands Apparel: Have Dad looking great on and off the water with a series of casual, yet stylish threads.

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