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Help dad store his stuff in style with a Collegiate Trunk

Sometimes all a dad really needs for Father's Day is a way to store his stuff in an organized way. I know my husband for instance has an over abundance of hunting apparel and accessories that he only uses a few months out of the year. The other months the stuff seems to get moved around from one spot to another just looking for the perfect home. With this new Collegiate Trunk he now has a place to store it all together. It's nice and roomy inside and once you're done filling it there's two latches on the front as well as a padlock clasp if you need it. This is nice if you plan to store valuables in it or things you don't want someone accidentally finding like gifts! My husband likes that the trunk has wheels so he can pull it out of the closet and down the hallway to our bedroom easily when he needs to take stuff out of it. I like it because now there aren't piles of stuff all over the place. This trunk is the perfect organization tool, and if we need it for a trip we can just sit everything on our bed and use it to hold other stuff.

• Wheels for easy transport
• 2 Handles - center metal rung to add an additional padlock to clasp
• Dorm designed trunk
• Quality construction
• Easy Open Push Button Key Lock
• Nickel Plated Hardware
• Size: 30 x 15 3/4 x 12 1/4

You can find the Collegiate Trunk and many others on the website.
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