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Enjoy a backyard lunch with dad pest free!

We love to eat outside as soon as the weather starts to warm up, especially on special occasions like Father's Day. However living out in the country we tend to have way more pests flying around than we like while trying to eat. We've been debating getting a pop-up tent or something to set up so we can enjoy eating outside more, but the cost has really kept us from it. Plus all of the work it would take to put it up each time we wanted to use it. Thankfully we found this awesome alternative! It's a Patio Table Mosquito Canopy that only goes right around the area where you are sitting. It's super easy to toss over the top of your patio table umbrella and then it drapes down all around you keeping the pests out. It even has a zippered flap so you don't have to lift up the entire thing to go in or out of the canopy.

You may be wondering why I'm not showing my usual at home photo with this on..well let me tell you a little story. We used it to treat my husband to breakfast out back one morning before church. After breakfast we cleared the table and pulled down the canopy to bring it inside so nothing would happen to it. We have cats and chickens roaming around and didn't trust them to leave it alone while we were away at church. What we didn't do however was close up the table umbrella. And apparently while we were gone there was some massive wind because it completely knocked over the table, umbrella and all. Long story short our umbrella was damage and could no longer hold up the canopy correctly for you to sit under it. We are hoping to find a new one this summer on a hot deal though because we really enjoyed being able to eat in peace out back.

Patio Table Mosquito Canopy
This is the enclosure that fits over a patio table’s umbrella to provide a protective canopy that keeps out biting insects. Eliminating the need for sprays or candles, it is made from sturdy 68-denier polyester netting too small for insect pests to penetrate, and it fits over umbrellas up to 9' in diameter while its 96" length extends all the way to the ground. The bottom’s entire perimeter stays flush with the ground to keep out insects in breezes using an integrated PVC ring that can be filled with water. A zippered flap provides easy entry and exit. Removes easily by sliding off an umbrella’s outer edges when lowered or closed.

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