Stacy Talks & Reviews: Celebrate dad with a special weekend at Chuck E. Cheese @ChuckECheeses

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Celebrate dad with a special weekend at Chuck E. Cheese @ChuckECheeses

There just seems to be something extra special about spending time with your dad. I know my kids love me and enjoy doing things with me, but when their dad does things with them it just seems to be a little different. I think some of it is I am home full time and dad works, but some is just the way a child bonds with their father.

For my kids heading over to Chuck E. Cheese and playing games against dad is one of their favorite indoor activities. They are all super competitive so anytime they have the chance to try and beat dad they are all over it. Heck even when we visited for their birthday party they had to compete against dad in the ticket blaster to see who could catch and collect the most tickets. To no surprise to me dad ended up getting the special golden ticket and beat us all.

Just in time for Father's Day Chuck E. Cheese has some awesome fun planned for dad and the kids too! We actually got to try out some wings on our visit this past weekend and I have to say the boneless wings were AWESOME!

Specials just for Father's Day Weekend 6/17-6-19
• Hourly raffles for Dad to get a turn in the ticket blaster
• Dads and kids get game scorecards to play and compete
• The $29.99 Value Deal will include a large pizza, 4 drinks and tokens + FREE wings

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