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Treat mom to a family game day for Mother's Day

What better way to celebrate mom than a day with her family. I know for me I'd be happy to spend Mother's Day playing games with my kids and just relaxing with them. So why not break out some of the classics and get playing!

Monopoly has to be one of my favorite games from growing up. And maybe that's why I'm so partial to the original version. There have been so many since it, but none to me compare to the original. I know the board layout, the names of all the properties, and I get to use my trusty ole shoe token!

Aggravation is one of those games that you either love, or love to hate in my house. I guess it all depends on if you've tried to take the center hole short-cut and gotten stuck or not. My son will try it every time, even if that means he might lose. My daughter on the other hand won't touch the center spot for fear she will get stuck there. It's really quite entertaining watching the two of them play in their own special way.

I particularly like Parcheesi because I can remember playing it with my parents and grandma growing up. It's a game usually just my husband and I play though because the kids think it's too "old school" for them to play. I usually end up arguing with them that it's not old school it's classic and that's what makes it so much fun. Either way I'm just happy to have it in our game closet so I can share it with future generations to come. Who knows maybe it will make a come back one of these days!

Who hasn't at least once in their life said "Sorry" then giggled afterwords? I know I sure have when it's something accidental that turns into something funny. At least when you're playing Sorry when you giggle after you send someone back home it won't get you in trouble!

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