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Spa treatment from home!

If you ask me there's nothing better than a little self pampering from the comfort of your own home. In the busy rush of daily life there's not always time to schedule in a day at the spa. So it's nice to be able to do a little at home pampering thanks to 7th Heaven. For me having a clean and clear face always makes me feel better all over. Plus who doesn't love the smell of sweet strawberries!

Charcoal Pore Strips complete “operation flawless skin” with natural hardwood charcoal to absorb excess oil and help clear away blackheads and dead cells.  It also makes pores less visible.  Think of it as “Emergen-c” for skin.  MSRP $2.50.

Strawberry Souffle Mask smells as sweet as ripe berries and its juicy goodness provides the skin with plenty of hydration and refreshment.   It purifies skin and allows it to breathe, soothes with aloe vera and vanilla, and in short, is a perfect weekly or special occasion treatment.  It comes in a generous single serve pouch for only $2.50, so it’s an indulgence that won’t break the bank.

Available exclusively at Claire’s.

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