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Feeling clean and fresh with VO5 and Zest

If you saw my shower stall I would have to say I might be a bit embarrassed. I can honestly admit that I may have just a few too many products in there that I call "mine". I like to switch between body care products depending on how I feel and the status of my skin. I tend to use scrubs more when my skin needs extra attention and exfoliation. Sometimes I use a combination of them both. It all depends on how much time I have and what I need them for. With summer creeping up I've been using scrubs pretty much every time on my feet and legs to get them ready for shorts! I most recently added Zest Fruitboost Smoothie Body Scrubs to my array of products and since have actually been going back to them more than my previous products. I'm really loving the way they feel on my skin, and that even after I've rinsed and toweled off I an still smell them on my skin! Many times once you get out of the shower the scent of a cleaning care product is gone, I don't experience this with these and I love it.

Zest Fruitboost Smoothie Body Scrubs revitalize, smooth and soften skin with finely ground, natural apricot seeds that gently exfoliate, while natural avocado oils and other rich moisturizers help leave skin feeling soft and Zestfully Clean.

Fruitboost Very BERRY Scent
A smooth burst of succulent berries combine in this luscious berry filled scent that nourishes your skin leaving you...Fresh. Fruity. Zestfully Clean®!

Fruitboost Peach Mango Scent
A deliciously sweet scent. An exotic burst of white peach and champagne mango to boost the power of your shower with this wonderfully juicy scent, leaving you...Fresh. Fruity. Zestfully Clean®!

Fruitboost Citrus Splash Scent
The ultimate Citrus fragrance experience. A citrus sparkle with a touch of key lime to boost the power of your shower with an escape to the tropics, leaving you...Fresh. Fruity. Zestfully Clean®!

Another great line I've been introduced to is from Alberto VO5. They have a new line of haircare products that focus on individualized needs. This is great for my house because it seems like we all have something specific we need our hair products to do. I have been battling with frizz from flat ironing my hair, my daughter has crazy split ends, and my husband who wears a hat all day is battling dry scalp. Whew! Yeah it seems like we all have issues I know. But last but not least is my son who doesn't really have a specific need so their volumizer is perfect for him. I love having complimentary products when I wash my hair so I'm glad they have both shampoo and conditioner for each of the products. Plus they are super affordable so it's no big deal to have multiple sets on hand at the same time.

Alberto VO5 is once again delivering on its mission to make beautiful, vibrant hair accessible to all. Its new line of shampoos and conditioners, provide benefits to help solve common hair issues, formulated to provide results that go beyond expected at a remarkable recommended price of just $.99-$1.19 per bottle.

Dry Scalp: plus Almond Oil helps soothe, relieve and moisturize the scalp

Volumizer: plus Biotin boost and amplify limp locks for fuller -looking hair

Split Ends: plus Panthenol helps reduce damage to delicate hair, adding moisturize
and a smoother look

Anti-Frizz: plus Argan Oil helps tame and smooth unruly locks for sleek-looking hair
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