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Tuesday for all your cat needs

My cats are like family to me. They pretty much come and go as they please and have the run of the house like everyone else. And kind of like my kids they even let me know when they aren't happy or need something. So in being a good cat mom I try to always make sure they have plenty to do and a clean place to potty. A great place to make sure I can meet all their needs is through the website. They have all your basic necessities in one convenient location. And they even have an auto-ship program if you want to have the convenience of things like food and litter being shipped to you automatically on a schedule. I recently had my first experience with and have to say I'm pretty happy so far. I got a KONG Cat Scratcher and World's Best Cat Litter for my little sweeties. Nothing fancy, but things I need to keep my cats happy. I chose not to declaw my cats so I always make sure they have plenty of ways to satisfy their natural desire to scratch. The KONG Cat Scratcher seems to be a great choice because they both love scratching on it, and playing with the cute "hidden" toy inside. As long as it keeps them from scratching on my furniture this cat mama is happy.

I chose World's Best Cat Litter because it's natural, and because it works so well. I love that I don't have a dust cloud every time I clean the litter box. And it clumps great too, no falling apart pieces when I scoop it out. It seems to do better with odor control too than traditional litters. I think that's because it actually absorbs and clumps so quickly.

Stay tuned for more great products from the website in the coming months!

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