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BFree Gluten-Free Breads

Gluten-Free products sure have come a long way, and in so many more varieties since they were first introduced to the market. I can remember when you had to hunt and search and there was usually just one small section (or few shelves) in a store for you to choose from. Now there are so many choices many times they are shelved right in the same isle with their counterparts. Which to me is nice because I want to be able to look in the bread isle for bread and so forth. Recently my family had the opportunity to try out some products from the BFree Gluten-Free bread family. Of course my kids were a little more hesitant than my husband and I were because of all the things they had heard about gluten-free foods being yucky and not tasting good. So this mom got creative and made some meals using the bread and just didn't both to tell them I substituted the BFree products for our usual brands. They did figure it out a few times, but with some of the products they had no idea. I think mostly it was the texture that tipped them off. The rolls definitely were different than what I usually gave them with meals. They weren't bad, just different because they didn't have the usual gluten in them for the fluffiness. I think the biggest thing really hinges on how you prepare them. Many alone probably wouldn't be the best, but if you turn the wrap shells into a tortilla filled with meat, cheese, and veggies it's a whole new game. You have to be creative and use them with other foods.

BFree’s products are made from high-quality, non-GMO ingredients. And what I thought was really impressive is that they are free of wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts and soy, making the entire BFree product line free from all major allergens—and completely vegan. I mean WOW that's a pretty awesome list. BFree sure does care about helping people with allergies and food sensitives find quality breads they can enjoy.

About BFree Foods:
Based out of Dublin, Ireland and manufacturing for the U.S. market in Montebello, California, BFree Foods is an innovator in the wheat and gluten-free bread product category. Passionately dedicated to providing exceptional taste, nutrition profiles and performance, BFree’s wraps, rolls, bread loaves and bagels maintain the texture of traditional bread products but are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, nuts and soy. All BFree products are allergen and vegan-friendly, low-fat and high-fiber, making them ideal for health-conscious consumers across the globe.
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