Stacy Tilton Reviews: The Holding Cell - Keeps your phone within arms reach!

Thursday, April 28

The Holding Cell - Keeps your phone within arms reach!

Give mom the gift of having her phone (or baby monitor) always within reach, even when she's resting in bed.

The Holding Cell is the perfect invention for holding and charging your cell phone or baby monitor anywhere, but specifically designed for you bed.
It allows you ease of access to your phone while keeping it organized and charging.

You will never need to sleep with the phone in your bed again or pick up your charging cord off the floor, but still have the convenience of not missing an important call or text!

It also converts to attach to any wall or flat surface making it great for dorms, hospitals, RV’s, boats and sofas too.

The Holding Cell is simple to use and can be mounted beside the bed by sliding the panel under the mattress so your phone is within arm’s reach. Wherever the user puts it, this handy storage unit will adjust in size to fit any phone or device.

The charging cord is safely captured through slots in the bottom to keep it from being lost or falling to the floor, and there is even extra storage space for additional cord.

The unit can be angled to allow for easier viewing of a phone's screen, and folds neatly away when not in use.

The Holding Cell provides the perfect place to store a phone, baby monitor or other electronic device during the night or anytime the user needs a safe and easy-to-access storage and charging solution so your charging cord is never on the floor.

Check out The Holding Cell in action:

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  1. This is a convenient tool, but sometimes I wonder if it would be better to not have a phone at all.