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Giving moms peace of mind with the Kodak Baby Monitoring System

Back when I had my kids (10 and 16 now) baby monitors were pretty basic. You had your monitor that sat in their room and a receiver (or two) that you took with you through out the house to hear what they were doing. Now days you can not only hear, but also see AND even talk to your little one via the baby monitor. The Kodak Baby Monitoring System is one like I've never personally seen before. With all of it's high-tech features you can check in on your baby day or night both at home and away. What a great way to give a new mom the peace of mind she needs.

Another great feature that I really like is that with the coordinating Tend app you can also use it for other things like setting alerts, taking notes, and capturing photos of your little one. How cool would it be to take a photo when your baby is napping and in one of those oh so cute positions without the fear of waking them. This monitoring system has so many great features that any parent would love. I like that it even looks nice sitting on a shelf almost like it belongs there, unlike the old units that stood out like a sore thumb screaming "I'm a baby monitor".

I've included a list of even more great features below:

Baby Monitoring System that gives parents the ability to monitor a live stream of video for their babies through their smartphone, tablet or desktop anywhere in the world. The 2-way audio feature allows you to talk to your baby, wherever you are in the house, as well as an advanced video that provides a 180 ° field with the ability to electronically pan, tilt, and zoom within the field of view. The device also features the iSecurity+ app that includes cloud based image analytics will intelligently evaluate the events captured by the monitor.

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