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Create a custom gift for mom from Origami Owl

For as long as I can remember I've always had my eye on getting an Origami Owl necklace for myself. I've just never had someone approach me to attend a party they were hosting. Little did I know you don't have to attend a party to order from them! You can actually go right to their website and order anytime you like. You create your Living Locket in five simple steps and then process your order and you're set. Man was I missing out all this time. My necklace actually arrived on my daughter's birthday which made it even more special to me. I actually created my locket to celebrate the birth of both of my kids because they were both born in March. It was super easy to fill it with charms having the same birthstone color for both kids.

Step 1: Choose your charms
Step 2: Choose your living locket
Step 3: Choose your chain
Step 4: Choose your personalization
Step 5: Choose your accessories

About my Living Locket:
My Living Locket necklace consisted of a Silver Heart Link Chain paired with a Silver Twist Living Locket Face with Pavé Swarovski Crystals. I choose this particular one because I wanted to be able to do an inscription on the back side of it. With this particular locket I was able to include eight charms I had picked out. You can actually choose 7-10 charms for this locket, just be sure they aren't all larger or they won't fit. I was actually able to fit all of mine laying flat one time I was playing with it so it also depends on how they sit in the necklace. I may at times take some out depending on what I'm wearing the necklace with. I also did two dangles that I can alternate between or use at the same time. Just in case you're curious if you were to order the exact same necklace with engraving and the extras it would be $122. Of course any changes to that would also change the cost.

I would actually recommend that you do step 2 before step 1 because if you pick too many charms they won't all fit in some of the lockets. It's best to have your locket picked out first then what charms you want to fill it with. At least that's what worked best for me. I have to say I have gotten so many very nice compliments on my necklace since I got it too. Many moms asked me if I had did an Origami Owl party or knew someone that was because they had always thought about ordering one. They too were surprised that you can do it right online without attending a party or ordering from someone hosting one. The really fun part is now I can order charms any time I want and change them out myself at home to customize my necklace with what I'm wearing. And it will always have the back side inscription that means so much to me as a mom.

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