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Celebrating an extraordinary Mom

When I think about Mother's Day yes I think about my mom and all she has done for me. But I also think about the other moms in my life and all they have done for their families too. One person that often comes to mind when thinking about extraordinary moms is my best friend. As you can probably guess she's a mom, but to me she's more than that (and I'm sure to her family too). She has three grown sons, one of which is Autistic and lives at home still as he is unable to care for himself. Over the years of our friendship I've been amazed at her patience and love for her son and how she cares for him - not as a burden that has taken up her time that should be spent now with her husband, but as a blessing for all that he brings to her life still. If you met him you would understand exactly what I mean. He truly is a blessing to anyone that gets the chance to know him. And on the other side of the coin my best friend is also a school nurse at an elementary school. So really she plays "mom" to hundreds of kids every day. This in itself is worthy of so many thanks for all she does at work. As a mom myself I know how important the role is of a school nurse. She's not just someone that patches up boo-boos from playground accidents, she also that person our kids seek out when they need someone to talk to. So it makes me pretty proud to know my best friend is that person for so many kids. And that's why I nominated her to receive a special Mother's Day bouquet from Hallmark Flowers. I wanted her to know that she was being thought of and an amazing mom. I have to say it did the trick to because I could tell by the sound of her voice when she called me how excited she was. She even posted pictures of the flowers on Facebook and her blog she was so touched.

The day after the flowers arrived she actually sent me more photos of them because they had opened up. Boy are they beautiful!

If you have someone in your life that you think is an amazing mom whether it be your mom, or another mom figure in your life make sure you show them you care this upcoming Mother's Day.

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