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Organize in Style with Fabric Storage Cubes

There are so many reasons that I enjoy organizing with fabric storage cubes. First off they keep everything together neat and tidy. Secondly they "hide" what's inside instead of you being able to see it all sitting on a shelf. And lastly it keeps down on the clutter because my daughter can pull one down use what's inside, then clean up and put it back.

Storage cubes can be used for a wide variety of storing needs. We have a few of the cube shelving units in our house and love them. We have one that houses all of our craft supplies. Each cube has a different type of supply inside like painting supplies, general crafting materials, and so on. My daughter also has one in her room she uses to sort her toys and such. She has one with all her Pet Shops, one with her dress up accessories, and so forth. It's really helped her stay organized and keep her room cleaner. I like them because if I'm working on a woodworking project I can just grab the one cube and take it to my work space. Use what I need, then put it all back. The really nice thing about this set that made me really excited was that they have handles on both sides! Most only have one handle for pulling the cubes out from the shelves. Since these have two handles you can actually put them to use when carrying the cubes to a table or another room even.

The storage cubes featured in this post came in a set of six which is nice because they are all the same color. Great if you have them out in plain sight and want it to look nice. I ordered them off of Amazon and had them in two days with my Prime shipping. Sure beat running to the store just to pick these up...and probably other things I didn't need spending money I didn't need to. I have to say these are totally worth it with the added feature of a second handle, and having six of the same color in one set.
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