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Nothing beats a soft and cuddly gift for Easter

The only thing more fun than giving a soft cuddly plush animal for an Easter gift is giving one that makes sounds and moves too! I've always thought that stuffed animals with their own "personality" were so much fun. And now days there are so many different things that stuffed toys can do. They can sing, dance, read, and name it. The people at Cuddle Barn want to make sure the recipients of their cuddly critters love them just as much as they do so they make sure each animal is ready to be used upon arrival. They all come complete with batteries and a pull tab that keeps them from running down before they arrive at your house. I really like that they have a button to activate them right on their bodies so it's easy to turn them on/off. Plus there's a switch on the bottom that you can use to turn them on/off. This is nice for youngsters that want to sleep with their cuddly friends but don't want to accidentally turn them on in bed.

Here are the animals shown in the photo above.

Storytime Bunny
Cuddly 12" bunny reads a 3 min version of "Story of Peter Rabbit."

Clucking Chuck
8" Chicken dances and spins to "Peter Cottontail"

Mary's Little Lamb
10" Lamb sways to "Mary had a Little Lamb"

Baa Baa Baby
8" Lamb dances and spins to "Peter Cottontail"

Check out this super cute video of Storytime Bunny reading his story. Now tell me who wouldn't love to have a story read to them by a bunny?

Buy it: Right now you can purchase these and other Cuddle Barn critters through their website and receive 10% off with code cuddle10.

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