Stacy Talks & Reviews: Let your Easter Basket runnith over with Hershey's #HersheysEaster

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Let your Easter Basket runnith over with Hershey's #HersheysEaster

Did you know the first Hershey’s Kiss was introduced in 1907? Since then they've come out with more flavor combinations than I can think of. I have to say of all of them I've tried my favorites are the caramel filled and the almond Kisses. I love when each holiday comes around because I know that Hershey's will have something special for me to enjoy just for that limited time. Right now you can get Carrot Cake Flavored Kisses just in time for Easter. I was so excited when those arrived because I love trying new flavors. The filling really does taste like carrot cake, just like you would expect.

Another new candy I thought was totally awesome was the Twizzlers Easter Grass. What a fun and unique idea! I'm actually saving my bag to make little Easter baskets for my kids for Easter morning. I'm going to use some of the Twizzlers grass to fill a dish then put some of the Cadbury Mini Eggs inside them. My kids have always loved getting special little treats like these.

I have to say though my favorite candy at Easter are the Robin Eggs. They bring back memories of my childhood. I remember licking the outside of them and then rubbing the color on my lips. I thought I was so cool having colored lips from them. Of course then I got to enjoy the malted centers of the candies. Looking back I can't remember an Easter that I didn't get a bag of them in my basket growing up. So now as a mom I always make sure both of my kids get a bag in their baskets. Among many other Hershey's greats of course!

Before receiving all the goodies to fill my Easter basket I actually never connected in my mind that Hershey's included lines like Cadbury and Jolly Rancher. I guess I learned something new. And I have a few new candies to share with my kiddos just in time for Easter too.

Need some Easter inspiration? Hershey's has some really awesome alternative basket ideas as well as crafts and recipes right on their website. I encourage you to check them out and makes this an Easter to remember!
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