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Matthews 1812 House: Specializing in handmade specialty desserts

It's already feeling like Valentine's Day at my house with all the yummy treats I've been getting to share with you. One of the latest I got was this set from Matthews 1812 House. The Bourbon Blondie Bar and Chocolate Bourbon Sauce are a great pair for any sweets lover out there, well at least most of them. If you're strange like me you may feel otherwise. Why you ask? Well I'll share with you one of my sweets quirks - in my book there is a such thing as too much chocolate. Yeah, I know I'm crazy right? At least that's what my husband and kids tell me. I enjoyed the Bourbon Blondie Bar, but to me it was just a wee bit too much chocolate. Lucky for my family because that meant more for them. As for the chocolate bourbon sauce this was more my level, I could regulate just how much to use on whatever I wanted to use it on. And as I'm sure you're wondering - yes you can taste the bourbon in them both. It's not super strong, but it's definitely there. I thought it gave them both a unique twist from the usual plain chocolate flavor. And who doesn't want something unique for Valentine's Day?

Matthews 1812 House, specializing in handmade specialty desserts, has a brand new line of mouthwatering treats, like Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Torte, Fruit Filled Cookies, Bourbon Blondie Bar and so much more. A great gift for that special someone you don't know what to get this Valentine's Day! These tasty treats can be shipped to loved ones across the U.S. They also offer traditional cakes and bars as well as sugar free, gluten-free and vegan varieties.

Buy it: You can purchase the Bourbon Blondie Bar and Chocolate Bourbon Sauce as well as many other delectable desserts right from the Matthews 1812 House website.

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