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Have a movie night in with your sweetie Mohu Curve style!

If you're like my husband and I making time and going out to the movies can be difficult. So we tend to stay home and watch movies instead. Plus we really can't see spending the money it costs to go out to the movies either. After tickets, popcorn, other snacks, and drinks you are easily headed toward a $50 (or more) date. Plus what's better than snuggling up on the couch and binge-watching romance movies on TV together? Well watching them for free of course! With a Mohu HDTV antenna offer you can get unlimited access to free, over-the-air (OTA) broadcast TV networks (like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) for a budget friendly, one-time fee.

Plus if you don't want an indoor antenna that sticks out like a sore thumb they even have a model that's very stylish called the Mohu Curve. We don't have cable in our bedroom so I put mine next to the TV on the dresser. With it's stylish design it actually looks like it belongs there. It doesn't look like a random piece of electronics equipment. Now we can cuddle up in bed on a Friday night (or Valentine's Day) and watch a movie just the two of us.

Mohu offers different HDTV antennas depending on the user’s needs and location:

• The most popular is the Mohu Leaf ($39.99 - $69.99) - a 30 or 50 mile radius, paper-thin, economical design that can be hung and painted to match your room d├ęcor.

• The Mohu Curve ($49.99 - $79.99) has a chic, arched design and the ability to access broadcasts up to 30 - 50 miles away. It’s perfect to put on display yet powerful enough to give you the shows you want in 1080 HDTV.

• Mohu Leaf Metro ($19.95) has a 25 mile radius with a thin, durable HD antenna that's easy on the wallet and perfect for a city resident. Like the Mohu Leaf, the reversible black and white design can also be painted to match any room in the house or apartment.
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