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Choose EasyAcc for your Cell Phone Accessory needs

The EasyAcc DP100 Ultra-portable Wireless 4.0 Speaker is perfect for those times you want to listen to the music on your phone and share it with others. It provides you with a good quality sound that everyone can enjoy. It has buttons on the top to control the songs as they play and ports on the back for an AUX cable as well as the charging cable. There you will also find the on/off switch. I like the switch vs. the button many speakers have. The speaker is wireless via a Bluetooth connection so you don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket to use it. You can even answer your phone through the speaker because it has a built-in microphone. I love having a speaker to enjoy my music as well as answer phone calls hands-free.

The EasyAcc 2nd Gen 10000mAh Power Bank is the perfect accessory for anyone that wants to make sure they always have power on the go. If you've ever had your phone die at the worst possible moment you've had a time you could have used this awesome power bank. I like that it's nice and slim so I can slip it in my purse and it doesn't take up much space and isn't heavy either. All you need to use this handy power bank is your phone charging cable. It charges your phone while you're on the go and then it's ready to use when you need it. Plus with this version you can actually charge two devices at once!

Make sure you check out EasyAcc on Instagram because they have some awesome giveaways where you can enter to win their products!
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