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AquaBall Ice Pops - #‎NationalSugarAwarenessWeek‬ Challenge

It seems like about this time every year at least one of my kids comes down with some sort of nasty cold or even strep throat. As a mom I try to always be prepared for those moments with ways to help ease their discomfort and pain. Being it's winter and feels like subzero out I don't usually have any sort of ice pops on hand like I would if it were warmer temps out. Plus I've never been very big on all the sugar that they have in them. I've actually resorted to making ice pops at home more than once with juice and other flavored beverages. Again there's still that lingering thing called sugar in those juices.

This past week my daughter came home from school complaining about having a sore throat a couple days in a row. She didn't have any other symptoms so I think it was just due to the dry air from everywhere running heat 24/7. We didn't have any ice pops on hand (or juice because I hadn't been to the store yet), but I just so happened to remember the case of AquaBall water I had gotten for their National Sugar Awareness Week Challenge. Then that little light bulb went off in my head and I came up with the perfect solution for both the challenge and my daughter....AquaBall Ice Pops. What a great idea! I could offer her something cold to sooth her throat and I wouldn't have to feel bad about handing her basically frozen flavored sugar. Since we already had the silicone molds to make ice pops I opened up a few bottles and filled them up. After they were frozen my daughter was able to enjoy a cold ice pop to sooth her throat, and I was able to feel good knowing it wasn't sugar filled.

National Sugar Awareness Week (January 18-22), is an initiative designed to urge Americans to cut sugar from their diets and/or at least lessen their normal sugar consumption. In conjunction with the week, AquaBall, a zero sugar and zero calorie children’s beverage, wanted to add their own spin on the national challenge by inviting carefully selected influential mommy bloggers to create fun, sugar-free recipes using the product.

As the USDA’s 2015 Dietary Guidelines were released urging Americans to reduce sugar intake to less than 10% of their calorie consumption, the challenge aligns perfectly with the push to promote healthier lifestyles in 2016 and beyond. Aiding moms across the nation, AquaBall is offering a case of their healthy children’s beverage to all mommy blog participants by challenging moms to come up with unique and creative recipes using AquaBall – anything from smoothies to healthy dessert bars.

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