Stacy Talks & Reviews: Kids will love seeing what will "Hatch" from their stockings

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Kids will love seeing what will "Hatch" from their stockings

Hatch 'n Heroes are brand new this season and offer an ‘egg’-cellent and surprising way to for kids to play with their favorite Disney and Disney Pixar characters! The perfect size for busy little hands, these toys start in an egg shape and with a few folds and twists, transform into a whole new toy! These weren't particularly a big hit with my daughter, but my little nephew that came over to visit was all about playing with them. He said they were super cool and I ended up sending them home with him because he enjoyed them so much. I think he was really mesmerized at how they started out as a "ball" as he called them, and then turned into the actual characters he could play with.

Hatch 'n Heroes are available in characters from Toy Story, Big Hero 6, and Cars.

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Rubba Ducks® is not the rubber duck bath toy you grew up with! They are bigger, better and have more personality than what you remember. Rubba Ducks® are available in 60 different themes from sports to animals to professions and hobbies. These feathered friends are the perfect toy to ‘hatch’ from Christmas stockings this season!

My daughter thought these were super cool and had to have them both in her next bath. I could hear her all the way downstairs from the bathroom making voices for each of the ducks and playing with them. I didn't expect them to be such they hit they were, but am glad she found something besides Barbie dolls to clutter up my bathtub.

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