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Holiday Gift Guide: Horses in Pink by wildkin

Like many little girls my daughter loves horses, and of course the color pink. So when I showed her the Horses in Pink line from wildkin she was... lets just say "Super Excited". This line is great because there are multiple pieces in it so you can give them as gifts over time too. I got my daughter the Rolling Duffel Bag because I knew it was a piece she would use often. She likes to stay with her grandma for the weekend and of course has to take what I call "half her bedroom" with her. You know clothes, stuffed animals, favorite blanket, all those sort of things. And there's even a handy pocket on the outside where she can keep her toiletries separate from everything else. The rolling duffel is perfect because it has a ton of room inside and it's on wheels so she can pull it along behind her. And of course that means one less thing I have to carry for her.

Horses in Pink:
Horses in Pink features a group of whimsically wild horses that prance, dance, jump, and just chill; their brilliant white manes and tails absolutely shine atop the pattern's lovely, timeless pink backdrop.

Pieces in the line (from top left to bottom right in photo):
BOGO Backpack
Rolling Duffel Bag
Weekender Duffel Bag
Jumpstart Messenger Bag
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