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Give the gift of free TV with Mohu

Introducing the gift of free TV brought to you by the Mohu antenna, which offers unlimited access to free, over-the-air (OTA) broadcast TV (including ABC, NBC,CBS, FOX, etc) for a budget friendly, one-time fee.

This means you can watch your favorite holiday movies and shows in HD without a costly cable or satellite subscription that runs for about $99.10 per month. On average, Americans are spending more than $231 per year just on cable box rental fees alone. For that price, you could buy yourself and 10 family members free TV for a lifetime this Holiday!

Mohu offers different HDTV antennas depending on the user’s needs and location:

The most popular is the Mohu Leaf ($39.99 - $69.99) - a 30 or 50 mile radius, paper-thin, economical design that can be hung and painted to match your room d├ęcor.

The Mohu Curve ($49.99 - $79.99) has a chic, arched design and the ability to access broadcasts up to 30 - 50 miles away. It’s perfect to put on display yet powerful enough to give you the shows you want in 1080 HDTV.

Mohu Leaf Metro ($19.95) has a 25 mile radius with a thin, durable HD antenna that's easy on the wallet and perfect for a city resident. Like the Mohu Leaf, the reversible black and white design can also be painted to match any room in the house or apartment.

Since we live in the country just on the outskirts of town I opted for the Mohu Leaf 50. It offers me a 50 mile radius to pick up signal. We had been talking for awhile about shutting off our cable but so far had only downgraded to basic because we still wanted access to our local channels for news and sports. Now that we have our Mohu antenna we will probably go ahead and make that final leap and just turn it off completely!

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